Dad’s Letters # 07

Dad’s letter # 7 was postmarked on September 19, 1994.He was replying to my letter of Labor Day 1994 which was on September 5th. note on featured image: Mabel and Elise — my Dad’s mother and sister¬† — on the corner of Westwood and Wildwood next to Nash’s second car, a 1933 Buick. As usual,Continue reading “Dad’s Letters # 07”

Dad’s Letters # 06

My Dad always assumed that I had a copy of my letters to him and so he often did not repeat my question. When I recently pulled out his letters that were sitting in a drawer for many years I was able to find only one of my letters to him. I may have keptContinue reading “Dad’s Letters # 06”

Dad’s Letters # 05

In Letter # 05 Dad continues with his replies about my questions regarding his sister Elise. He began his replies in his Letter # 03 and then in Letter # 04 he explained in depth his relationship to Elise and Fran and their friends in the St Emydius Doran Club and in Company C ofContinue reading “Dad’s Letters # 05”

Dad’s Letters # 4

It took my Dad three letters (#3, #4 and #5) to reply to my one letter (#3) in which I listed a number of questions about his sister Elise. In his letter #3 he answered the first nine questions and in his letter # 5 he returns to my list of questions and answers allContinue reading “Dad’s Letters # 4”

Dad’s Letters # 03

Dad’s Letter # 03 is the first of three letters about his sister Elise. I wrote a total of six letters to Dad during the Spring and Summer of 1994 and he replied with eight of his own. So his letters # 3, # 4 and # 5 were replies to my letter # 3.

Dad’s Letter # 02

Dad wrote his second letter in the Don Dwyer Life Story Project on May 10, 1994.¬† This one is all about Richard Milhaus Nixon. Or at least it was supposed to be. Somehow Dad manages to throw in some space for Cal football and Major League Baseball! I started my list of questions by bringingContinue reading “Dad’s Letter # 02”