Gen 1

Six of my eight great grandparents were born in Ireland. The other two were born in the USA. My paternal grandmother Mabel Theler’s mother was born in New Hampshire and her father was born in New York. Her mother’s parents came from French Canada and Ireland and her father’s parents both came from Germany.

All four of my mother’s grandparents came from Ireland. Her paternal grandparents Joseph Kenny and Elizabeth McDevitt met in Philadelphia, were married in San Francisco and settled in Virginia City, Nevada. Her maternal grandparents Thomas Muckle and Bessie Gallagher met in Virginia City where they also settled.

My Irish ancestors came from all over Ireland. On my mother’s side, Tom Muckle was born in County Down, Bessie Gallagher came from County Roscommon and Elizabeth McDevitt was from County Tyrone. I’m still searching for Joseph Kenny’s birthplace.

My Dad’s paternal grandfather James O Dwyer came from County Tipperary and his paternal grandmother Margaret McAuliffe came from County Cork. His maternal grandmother Emma Belduke was born in New Hampshire. Her father Joseph Bolduc came from Quebec and her mother Mary Kiely was born in County Cork. Emma married William Theler from New York. Both of William’s parents came from Germany.

So my mother’s ancestry was 100% Irish but my father was only 62.5% Irish. He was also 25% German and 12.5% French Canadian.

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