Dad’s Letters # 07

Dad’s letter # 7 was postmarked on September 19, 1994.He was replying to my letter of Labor Day 1994 which was on September 5th. note on featured image: Mabel and Elise — my Dad’s mother and sisterĀ  — on the corner of Westwood and Wildwood next to Nash’s second car, a 1933 Buick. As usual,Continue reading “Dad’s Letters # 07”

Dad’s Letters # 4

It took my Dad three letters (#3, #4 and #5) to reply to my one letter (#3) in which I listed a number of questions about his sister Elise. In his letter #3 he answered the first nine questions and in his letter # 5 he returns to my list of questions and answers allContinue reading “Dad’s Letters # 4”